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WebGraphicsRus provides top quality computer and network parts and supplies for our retail and business customers here in the greater Philadelphia area. We search far and wide for both quality at reasonable prices. You may also purchase computer systems parts and supplies right here on line from our partner sites featured here. These companies have been utilized by us and all provide excellent customer support and quality products.

Our Most Useful Supplier is Crucial

Most computer repairs I encounter are partially running poorly due to small amount of memory installed when new. Computer manufactures do this to keep cost down but once you have started to add applications installed a few service packs you find the computer just seems to be slow especially today dealing with digital photos and videos. Before you bring your pc in for repair or waste money on downloads that claim to make your pc faster use the crucial scan tool to scan your pc. It will tell you who much and what type of memory is installed and recommend the correct memory upgrade options. Crucial Technology is a division of Micron, one of the largest DRAM manufacturers in the world and supply factory-direct memory upgrades to the public.

Computers From Dell

I recommend to all my business and retail customers to purchase there computers directly from Dell. Need help configuring your new system? Not sure how much computer you need? Contact Us We will be happy to advise you. otherwise just click the link to the right and begin to shop customize the system step by step the way you want. I recommend that you take care in selecting an operating system if you are networked with several computers running XP or less there are options to downgrade Windows 7 Professional to XP Mode or for later upgrade. If you are just buying a personal pc and networking or software compatibility will not be an issue I still recommend upgrade to Windows 7 Professional With your new computer purchase. As Far as I know Dell is the only supplier that offers downgrades for XP Compliant PC's and Laptops. Also consider ordering maximum RAM memory you can do this at a later time usually less expensively but it is convenient to do at time of purchase.